Third Party SIP Phones

There are two parts to configuring a 3rd party SIP phone to register with the UCx Server:

  1. Add and configure a Generic SIP Device on the UCx Server
  2. Configure the 3rd party SIP phone
WARNING: E-MetroTel has been successful in creating interoperability with many third party phones using our open SIP Standards implementation. E-MetroTel is not responsible for maintaining interoperability with those phones should the manufacturers or developers modify the behavior of their SIP implementation in subsequent releases.

On the UCx Server

Ensure you have properly configured the SIP Settings on the UCX!

To configure an extension for a SIP phone, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  3. From the left side column, select Extensions
  4. In the drop-down list box, select the device type Generic SIP Device and press the Submit button


  5. On the Add SIP Extension page, enter the following fields: 
    • User Extension (this is the extension number)
    • Display Name (name to display)
    • Secret (you can override the default with your own password that has a minimum of 6 characters with at least 2 numbers and 2 letters)
    • dtmfmode (verify the mode is RFC 2833)

  6. Press the Submit button to create the SIP extension
  7. Select the Extension again from the top-right corner and verify all the fields under Device Options are correct. Take note of the port number (default is 5060).

On the SIP Phone

Refer to the documentation of your SIP phone on how to access the configuration interface. The following account information needs to be configured:

  1. Set the Display Name to the desired name for the phone (this name will be used as the CallerID name)
  2. Set the User Name or User ID to the SIP extension number that is configured on the UCx Server
  3. Set the Authentication Name or Authorization Name to the SIP extension number configured on the UCx Server
  4. Set the Password to the secret configured for the SIP extension on the UCx Server
  5. Set the Domain to the IP address of the UCx server (or to the fully qualified domain name of the UCx server if configured)

The following are examples showing the configuration of various SIP soft phones.

CounterPath eyeBeam Softphone

  1. Fill in the Account details
  2. Check the box to Register with domain and receive incoming calls
  3. Click on the Apply button


CounterPath X-Lite Softphone

  1. Go to Account Settings
  2. Fill in the Account Details
  3. Check the box to Register with domain and receive incoming calls
  4. Click on the OK button


CounterPath's X-Lite is a free SIP based softphone that provides some of the most popular features of the fully-loaded Bria softphone.

Zoiper Softphone

  1. Select the "wrench" icon  on the far right to go into Settings
  2. Fill in the required fields for the SIP acccount options
  3. Click on the Apply button
  4. Go to Extras and check the box to Register on startup
  5. Click on the Apply button