MG - Introduction

MG - Overview

UCx MDSE supports the integration of Nortel Meridian Taurus M3902/M3903/M3904, Aries 2006/2008/2616 digital phones and analog phones into the UCx server. 

MG - Prerequisites

Requirements for UCx M1/CS1000 Media Gateway.

MG - Supported Capacity

UCx supports up to 16 Media Gateways. This could be a combination of MGC and MGXPEC type gateways.

MG - Supported Devices

See the list of supported devices, including Taurus and Aries digital sets, Meridian/Aastra analog sets and modems.

MG - Supported Nortel/Avaya Media Gateway Controllers

See the list of supported DSP daughterboards, MGCs and MGXPECs.

MG - Supported Features

Overview of the supported features for analog and digital sets, and MGC redundancy.

Installing Compact Flashcards On An MGXPEC

See how to replace the compact flashcard on an MGXPEC.

Gathering Migration Capacity Details

This guide lists the information that is required in order to assess the equipment quantites required for generating a migration proposal.