Infinity 3065 (Beta)

Quick Start Guide (Beta)

Accessing the Application Software

The Infinity 3065 softphone is a standalone application designed to run on Windows (10 and 11), Mac OSX (10.15 or higher), iOS, and Android platforms. Once beta trials are complete on each of thes operating systems, they will be downloadable from the Microsoft Store (Windows), Apple App Store (OSX and iOS), and Google Play Store. However, during Beta trials, other means of accessing the software may be required. These will be updated in this document as additional functionality is available.

Windows and OSX Beta Software Downloads

The initial trial launch includes software for Windows PCs running version 10 or 11, as well as Mac OSX versions 10.15 and higher. The software required for installing the Infinity 3065 on suitable platforms is available for download from the E-MetroTel Partner Portal. To access the software:

  1. Log in to your Partner Portal account using your standard login procedure and credentials
  2. Click on the Support icon
  3. Click on the Download Software icon
  4. Click on the Infinity 3065 Beta Software icon
  5. Before downloading the software, confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of the E-MetroTel Beta Trial Policy.
  6. Click on either the OSX or Windows icon as required for your PC environment. 

Installing the software


To install the Windows version:

  1. After downloading the software, you can access the file in your browser's download folder. The Windows file downloads as an executable installation file (.exe)
  2. Double ckick the file
  3. Your Windows software may initially block the application from installing:
  4. Click on More Info
  5. Click on Run Anyway
  6. Your Virus protection software may check the file threats.
  7. Once the Virus software has completed its check, Windows will as "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device". Click Yes
  8. The installer will begin to process and ask where you want the software installed.
  9. Choose your desired location and click Next
  10. You can decide if you want to create a Desktop Shortcut, then click Next
  11. The app confirms the location, then click Install
  12. Once the app has completed installation you will be given an opportunity to launch Infinity 3065 as you close the installer.
  13. The first time you run the Infininty 3065 app after installation your Virus protection software may check the installed file for threats.
  14. When it is complete, the Infinity 3065 app will open to a blank screen.
  15. Click on Settings
  16. In the Infinity 3065 Profile Settings page, click on Profile Manager

OSX (Mac)

To install the OSX version:

  1. After downloading the software, you can access the file in your browser's download folder. 
  2. The OSX version downloads as a compressed file (in .zip format)
  3. Double click the downloaded file and the file will uncomress as the Infinity 3065 application file. You may move that file to any location on your Mac.
  4. After double clicking on the Infinity 3065 file, you may get a screen indicating that the Infininty 3065 software cannot be opened because it cannot be checked for malicious software
  5. Click OK
  6. Open the System Preferences and navigate to the General tab in the Security and Privacy section.
    3065MacSecurityand Privacy.png
  7. In the lower half of the window there will be a notice indicating the "Infinity3065" was blocked. Click on Open Anyway
  8. OSX again warns that the app cannot be opened because it cannot check for malicious software.
  9. Click Open
  10. The Infinity 3065 app will open, but will provide a warning that there is no profile set.
  11. Click on Profile Settings

Connecting to the UCX via a Profile Setting

To connect the Infinity 3065 to the UCX, you need to assign the S1 (and optionally the S2) IP Address and UDP port number as you would any other XSTIM device. Multiple profiles are supported, however only one profile can be active at any time.

  1. In the New Profile page, you can assign a Profile Name to keep track of your multiple profiles.
  2. It is mandatory to assign the Primary (or S1) IP Address and UDP Port associated with XSTIM traffic on the UCX.
  3. You may optionally enter the Secondary (or S2) IP Address and UDP Port associated with an alternate UCX system that will connect if the Primary server is unreachable (note that this is not assocaited with High Availability Redundant Clusters or with Survivable Remote Gateway configuration)
  4. When you are complete, press Save
  5. You may choose to active the connection immediately by clicking Activate or you can Edit or Remove the profile.
  6. Once you complete the activation, click the back arrow on the Profile Manager header until you see the bottom menu appear.
  7. Click the Keypad.
  8. Once an XSTIM Extension is configured on the UCX, the phone will be fully functional:
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