Hospitality Configuration

Hospitality - License and Installation

The UCx Hospitality solution provides standard guest services as a standalone system or integrated with preferred 3rd party hotel Property Management Systems.

Hospitality - Connections

The Hospitality Connections identifies the target PMS and HOBIC system interfaces.

Hospitality - Guest Name Conversion

Guest names with accented characters sent from the PMS system to the UCX Hospitality software.

Hospitality - General Settings

The Hospitality General Settings allows configuration of general dialing requirements for Hospitality rooms.

Hospitality - Language Codes

The Hospitality Language Codes allows you to configure the languages to be used in the system for annoucements.

Hospitality - Room Extensions

The Hospitality Room Extensions identifies which extensions on the UCX are to be considered guest Rooms.

Hospitality - Room Status Codes

The Hospitality Room Status Codes provides a translation of UCX feature codes to the digits expected by the PMS system for Room Status messages.suported by the PMS system.

Hospitality - Route Restrictions

The Hospitality Route Restrictions allows the selection of outbound routes for Emergency, Local, National, and International Dialing

Hospitality - Call Rates

The Hospitality Call Rates provides an interface for entering global Destination Codes and billing rates.

Hospitality - Wake Up Calls

The Hospitality Wake Up Calls provides an interface for managing Wake Up Calls. Guests can still dial a feature code to program their own wake up call directly.