Galaxy FXS8 SIP Gateway



Connecting to the FXS8 Card

Please refer to the Galaxy Expand - Initial Configuration for details on how to set up DHCP on the Galaxy server card prior to installing cards in either the Galaxy Expand or Galaxy Express chassis.

The same document explains how to identify the IP address of the FXO, FXS, or FXO/FXS card after it has been powered on within the chassis.

1.0 Logging into the FXS8 Card

Begin by pointing your browser to the IP address identified in the previous section. The default username is admin with emetr0tel as the default password.

2.0 System Setting

2.1 System | Status

On the System Status page, you will find Port, SIP, Routingand Network information.


  • System | Status | Port Status: Shows the status of the port. including the logical Name you have defined for each portthe port type (always FXS), the SIP Account assigned to each port, the OnHook / OffHook status and the voltage present on the line.
  • System | Status | SIP StatusShows the status of the individual SIP Endpoints