The VTech VSP715 SIP Deskset is a business phone designed to work with popular SIP telephone (IP PBX) equipment and services. Once configured, the VSP715 enables you to make and receive calls as you would with any other business phone. The VSP715 Deskset features include:

  • 2 SIP lines/accounts
  • 2 programmable keys
  • Dual Ethernet ports, 10/100 Mbps
  • PoE support


WARNING: E-MetroTel has been successful in creating interoperability with the referenced phone using our open SIP Standards implementation. E-MetroTel is not responsible for maintaining interoperability support should the manufacturer modify the behavior of their SIP implementation in subsequent releases.

STEP ONE: On the UCx Server

  1. Login to the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. Navigate to PBX - PBX Configuration - Extensions page
  3. Add an Extension for a Generic SIP Device with the following basic parameters:
    • User Extension (e.g. 631)
    • Display Name
    • secret
  4. Click on Submit to create the extension
  5. Press the Apply Config bar at the top

STEP TWO: On the VSP715 Phone

Refer to the VSP715 Deskset Administrator and Provisioning Manual on how to access the phone's WebUI.

  1. Login to the WebUI of the phone (default account is admin, admin)
  2. Navigate to System - SIP Account Management - Account 1 page
  3. Enter the following basic parameters:
    • Select the Enable Account checkbox
    • Display Name
    • User Identifier - Enter the User Extension from STEP ONE (e.g. 631)
    • Authentication Name - Enter User Extension from STEP ONE (e.g. 631)
    • Authentication Password - Enter the secret from STEP ONE


  4. Enter the UCx Server IP address in the following fields:
    • SIP Server - Server Address
    • Registration - Server Address
    • Outbound Proxy - Server Address


  5. Press the Save button at the bottom of the page and the phone will reset
  6. When the phone comes back, it is provisioned and ready to send and receive calls

STEP THREE: Additional Settings

You can repeat STEP TWO to configure a second SIP line for the phone by navigating to the System SIP Account Management - Account 2 page.

Alternatively you can configure a feature on the second key. See Programming Feature Keys on Vtech phones for details.

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