Voice Quality Problems

External devices

If you have external devices (phones or trunks), make sure the Jitter Buffer option is Enabled. See Nortel Settings and SIP Settings page for details.

Voice quality issues with internal calls
  1. Review your LAN configuration
    1. Is your UCx and phones connected to a quality switch?
    2. Remove any hubs from your network.
  2. Move your UCx system and phones to a separate subnet if you suspect LAN traffic issues
  3. Replace any problematic phones
  4. Reboot your UCx system
Voice quality issues with external calls
  1. Check the bandwidth or your Internet connection
  2. If you're experiencing bandwidth related problems, you could try a more efficient codec (GSM or G.729).  Please note that the G.729 codec is not pre-installed on your UCx system as it requires a separate license (please contact E-MetroTel for more information).
  3. If using SIP trunks, check with your SIP trunk provider to determine if they see any indication of problems on their side.
  4. If using a PSTN gateway, check the echo suppression settings on the gateway
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