Video Server Default Groups and Permissions

User groups are used to control levels of access to the Infinity Video Server Web-based Configuration Utility. There are four default groups of users as follows:

  • Administrator (system administrators with full access to the Infinity Video Server Web-based Configuration Utility)
  • Operator (operators with access to areas used for monitoring and reporting of the Infinity Video Server system)

Each user group represents different levels of access to the Infinity Video Server Web Interface. These levels are associated with a set of menus to which a given user will have access. Additional user groups can be created with access levels different from the four default groups. Default access permissions for the four default groups are listed below.

  • Administrator:
    • All resources
  • Operator:
    • System Tab
      • Dashboard
      • Dashboard Applet Admin
If access permissions are restricted at the parent menu level, then all modules under the menu are restricted, even if access is allowed at the lower module level.
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