Using the FPD to reset Telephony Service

If you have a Galaxy250, UCx50E or UCx20 server with a Front Panel Display (FPD), the Telephony Service can be restarted with Diagnostics from the FPD.
For other server platforms, please contact E-MetroTel support.

Telephony Service Reset

To restart the Telephony Service with Diagnostics from the FPD, perform the following steps:

  1. Check the FPD, it will show the IP address of your server.
    If the display shows "No IP Address", this indicates there is either an IP address conflict or DHCP mode is used and there is no DCHP server.
  2. There are 5 buttons beside the FPD, (On the Galaxy 250, there are 4 buttons) press the CENTER button to access the Reset Menu.
  3. Press the DOWN button until you see Telsrv Reset option.
  4. Press the CENTER button to select Telephony Service Reset.
  5. You have to confirm the reset by pressing the CENTER button one more time.

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