Updating BCM50 Firmware

The current version of the BCM50 firmware is shown in the System Resources section of the UCx Digital Gateway Dashboard page.

If the BCM50 hardware unit uses an outdated firmware (version 2.04 or earlier), the message UPDATE REQUIRED is presented beside the firmware version. For BCM50 hardware units with outdated firmware, an update is necessary to ensure reliable operation.

If the BCM50 hardware unit uses a firmware version above 2.04 but released prior to the year 2007, a firmware update is not necessary but is recommended.

To update the firmware of your BCM50 system, perform the following steps:

  1. Use an SSH client software (for example PuTTY) to connect to the BCM50 system
  2. For the login, use the account name "admin" and the password you selected for the admin account
  3. WARNING: The firmware update operation must run to completion without any interruptions! If the update operation is interrupted or if the power is lost or disconnected from the BCM50 system during the operation, the BCM50 unit could be left in a permanently inoperable state! The entire update operation takes about 50 seconds - please proceed with the update only if you are sure that the SSH session will NOT be lost during these 50 seconds and that the power will NOT be interrupted!
  4. To start the BCM50 firmware update, at the SSH command prompt enter the command
           sudo update_fw
    If the current firmware version is not up-to-date, the FPGA and U-Boot firmware images will be updated. Successful completion of these updates is indicated by the messages "FPGA image successfully updated" and "U-Boot image successfully updated". If no update is needed, you'll get the message "Your system is up-to-date" instead.
  5. Once the fimware update procedure is finished (the command prompt is presented), close the SSH session by entering the command
  6. After the fimware update, you must restart your BCM50 system for the changes to take effect.