Updated E-MetroTel SSL Certificates require InfinityOne Restart


SSL certificates are only valid for a one year annual period. E-MetroTel recently had to update the certificate used to generate the individual subdomains used by the emetrotel.net SSL certificate. While this certificate change was distrubuted to each of the systems vith a vaild annual E-MetroTel SSL certificate license, the InfinityOne service requires a restart to begin using the updated SSL.


The new SSL will be used after a Restart of the InfinityOne service.  The service can be restarted either from the UCX System Dashboard page in the Web Based Configuration Utility, or from with the InfinityOne Administration page within the application itself.

Note that in either method the restart will stop any active calls, and will log desktop or browser users out of the session and they will have to log back in. Mobile clients will not have to reconnect.

Restarting via the System Dashboard

  1. Log into the UCX Web Based Configuration Utility
  2.  The browser will open automatically to the System / Dashboard page
  3. In the Process Status applet, select the Drop Down box for InfinityOne
  4. Select Restart Process and the service will be restarted
  5. You can refresh the page to verify the process has resumed RUNNING.

Restarting via the InfinityOne Administration page

  1. Log into an account that has InfinityOne admistration permission in either a browser or the desktop application
  2. Select the Administration page in the left hand panel drop-down.
  3. In the Administration Menu, select General
  4. Click the blue RESTART THE INFINITYONE SERVICE button


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