UCx20 Hard Drive Replacement Guide

Step One: Getting the UCx20 ready

Power down the UCx20 and unplug all cables from the box.

Remove the top cover from the UCx20 by removing 4 screws located at the 4 corners.

Remove the metallic plate by removing 4 silver screws located in the 4 corners of the plate.

Interface Card

This section is required only if you have an interface card installed, otherwise skip to Step Two.
Remove the black screw holding the interface card and bracket.

Holding the card riser with one hand to hold it still, gently pull the interface card with the bracket out to disconnect from the riser.

The UCx20 is now ready for the next step.

Step Two: Remove and Replace the Hard Drive

Locate the mSata hard drive, remove the single screw holding the drive, then lift and remove drive from the socket at a angle.

Insert the new mSata hard drive into the socket at a angle and secure the drive with the single screw.

Step Three: Replace Interface Card and Cover

Interface Card

Skip this section if you do not have an interface card.
Fit the Interface card into the UCx20 box as shown below. At this point, the gold contacts on the interface card is perfectly lined up with the Card Slot on the Riser.

Carefully push the gold contacts on the Interface card into the Card Slot on the Riser.

Secure the card and bracket to the UCx box by applying the screw as shown below.

Replace Cover

Place the metallic plate back into the UCx box and secure with the original 4 silver screws.

Place the top cover back onto the UCx box and secure with the original 4 black screws.

Power up the UCx server.