UCx Notifier - Introduction and Planning


What is UCx Notifier?

UCx Notifier is an optional UCx application that automates group notification to a large group of individuals. Speed of notification delivery is configurable and individuals can be grouped according to skillsets, roles, locations, etc.

Notification calls can be sent to a wide range of devices with the ability to prioritize which device gets notified first. User's recieving a call notification are played a recording and can then accept or decline the notification using the dialpad on their phone. The web-based system also provides real time and historical call reporting. Everyone who needs to send quick phone messages to a group can use it.

This functionality is not supported on the Galaxy Mini hardware platform.



  • UCx Notifier is an application that is installed on a UCx450, UCx 1000 or in a Virtual Environment.
  • UCx Notifier requires the Notifier (CO) license to be installed first before it can be used. Obtain the license from your E-MetroTel representative.
  • The UCx Notifier package needs to be installed.
  • UCx Notifier application is supported only on a stand-alone UCx Server that is NOT being used as the primary call server (i.e. should not have any extensions configured on the UChosting the Notifier).


Notification Groups

You can create up to 9 notification groups which will be displayed on the initial screen. The name and text description are specified in the configuration file.
Each group listed in the configuration file must also be added from the Notifier Admin page with the exact same name.
Plan your notification groups and make changes to the following entries in the configuration file:

Initiate groups Default name Default text description
ucx_notifier.initiate_groups.g1 All Click on this to notify <strong>All</strong> employees of E-MetroTel
ucx_notifier.initiate_groups.g2 Some Click on this to notify <strong>Some</strong> employees of E-MetroTel



There are several configuration file entries to customize the application name. Determine your brand name for the application and make changes to the following configuration file entries:

Branding related entries Default values
ucx_notifier.settings.cancel_in_menu Cancel Notification!
ucx_notifier.settings.brand Notifier
ucx_notifier.settings.brand_action Notification
ucx_notifier.settings.logo_text UCx Notifier
ucx_notifier.settings.initiate_confirm_message You have activated a Notifier. Click OK to confirm!
ucx_notifier.settings.brand_full E-MetroTel UCx Notifier



You will need a trunk defined on the UCx to make outbound calls. The name of the trunk must be specified in the following configuration file entry:

  • ucx_notifier.settings.trunk

For example, if you have a sip trunk called "voipms" configured on the UCx, then the setting would be:

ucx_notifier.settings.trunk = "SIP/voipms"

Number of simultaneous calls

The outbound dialler will make multiple simultaneous calls, up to the limit defined in the configuration file. You should know the number of channels on your trunk and set the following entry to that number or less:

  • ucx_notifier.settings.call_limit


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