UCx Digital Gateway Web-based Configuration Utility

Connect your PC to the Digital Gateway using the OAM port (the left most Ethernet connector). When the system is fully operational (indicated by two solid green LEDs), the DHCP server running on the OAM port's subnet will assign your PC the IP address The IP address of the Digital Gateway system when using the OAM port is

Alternatively you can use the default static IP address, netmask and gateway To access the Digital Gateway system using this IP address, connect it to your network using any of the Ethernet ports on the right of the OAM port.


UCx Digital Gateway (DGHb)

BCM50 Digital Gateway (DGS)

BCM450 Digital Gateway (DGS2)


The UCx Digital Gateway Web-based Configuration Utility is accessible at the address (when connected using the regular Ethernet port) or (when connected using the OAM port).
To access the UCx Digital Gateway Web-based Configuration Utility, perform the following steps:

  1. If you use the subnet 192.168.1.x and no device on your network uses the IP address, you can connect the Digital Gateway system directly to your local network.
    If you do not use the subnet 192.168.1.x or there is already a device on your network with the IP address, configure a PC to use DHCP for its network connection and connect this PC to the OAM port on the Digital Gateway system (the leftmost Ethernet connector).
  2. In your Internet browser, enter the address of the Digital Gateway system (either or
  3. If you get a prompt that the website you are trying to access has a problem with its security certificate, select the option to proceed to the website.  You may want to install the Digital Gateway security certificates on your PC or add the Digital Gateway system to your browser's permanent exceptions list if you do not want to encounter this warning again (see Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate for more information).
  4. The login page is displayed. Login using the default credentials:
    • Username = admin
    • Password = emetr0tel (please note that the ‘0’ is a numeric zero)
      If you already changed the administrator's password, use your password instead of the default.