UCx 6.0 Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade your UCx Server to Release 6.0, perform the following steps:

Prior to starting the upgrade, you will need to verify that the target system is covered under an active software support license, otherwise the upgrade is not available.
A system that has the latest version of 5.0 will have the ability to use the Retrieve and Apply process as documented in License Retrieval for installing the 6.0 license.
You must upgrade your Release 5.0 system to the latest Release 5.0 updates, at which point you will have the ability to use the Retrieve and Apply process as documented in License Retrieval for installing the 6.0 license.
If your system is operating on Release 4.5 then you will need to request an upgrade license string from E-Metrotel using the previous licensing process. This license string will allow you to upgrade to Release 5.0, from which you will then be able to follow this process to upgrade from Release 5.0 to Release 6.0. If your UCx Server is running software earlier than Release 4.5, please see UCx 4.0 to UCx 6.0 Upgrade Instructions.

The software upgrade procedure will take approximately 20 to 45 minutes (timing is based on a fully updated R5.0 system) and will result in calls being disconnected!

Internet access from the UCx Server is required.

  1. Navigate to the System -> Updates page, and configure Set Source to NOT include the Public repository. In the drop-down list of repository sources, select an option without Public.RepositorySelectRepository.png
  2. Lock the source repository choice by clicking the Set Source button.
  3.  Click the Check for Updates button, and then perform a Software Update
  4. Navigate to System -> Backup/Restore page and perform a Backup, excluding Voicemails and Call Recordings.
  5. Navigate to the System -> Licenses -> Enter License page to Retrieve the v6 license using the Retrieve and Apply button.
  6. Navigate to the System -> Updates page and perform a Software Update. Wait for the software update to complete.
  7. Close your browser (or clear the browser cache) and then login to the Web Configuration Utility again.
  8. Navigate to the PBX page and press the pink Apply Conf’ bar (if presented).
  9. Navigate to System -> Backup/Restore page and perform another Backup, excluding Voicemails and Call Recordings.
  10. Congratulations you have upgraded to the latest version of UCx.
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