Retrieving Log Files

This page provides instructions on how to retrieve and send log files to E-MetroTel support.


Your PC must be equipped with these tools:

  1. A secure file transfer utility, for example WinScp (
  2. A compression utility, for example WinZip


  1. Launch the secure file transfer utility and connect to UCx using the admin account
  2. Navigate to the directory that contains the desired log file(s), for example /var/log/asterisk/
  3. Copy the log file(s) to your PC
  4. Compress the log file(s) using the compression utility
  5. Send the compressed file(s) to [email protected]
    Or, if the file size is over 10 MB and thus over the email attachement size limit - upload the file to the E-MetroTel FTP server
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