Restore a backup file from a different system

To backup files from one system and restore them to a different system, perform the following steps:
Both the source and the destination UCx systems must be running exactly the same release of software. See Software Update page for details on how to update the software.

1. Update the source UCsystem to the latest software release. 

2. Insert a USB stick with a directory named "backup" on it into the source UCsystem.

3. From the Backup/Restore panel, select USB as the location. (See Select Backup Location)

4. Enable Select All Options and Perform a backup

System specific information like Network Parameters, Admin password, Time Settings, Security certificates and License are not backed up nor restored.
If the dialing configuration on the two systems are different, de-select the option DAHDI Configuration.

5. Update the destination UCX  system to the latest software release.

6. Move the USB stick from the source to the destination UCsystem

7. From the Backup/Restore panel, select USB as the location

8. Perform a restore using the backup you created


Alternative, you can create a backup on the hard drive of the source UCX  system, download it to your PC, then copy it onto the backup directory of the USB stick that is used for the restore.
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