Resource Requirements for UCx Virtualized Software

Capacity Considerations

There are four variable criteria that need to be considered to successfully deploy a UCx virtualized software:

  1. Amount of memory (RAM)
  2. Size of the persistent storage (SSD)
  3. CPU processing power
  4. IOPS (drive I/O operations per second)

The required criteria for these four variables can be computed based on four pieces of information as follows:

A - The absolute maximum number of users ever expected on this system
B - The maximum number of hours of voice storage per user
C - The maximum number of hours of call recording storage
D - The maximum number of concurrent calls

However, to simplify the process of determining the resource requirements for systems of various sizes, the following table shows the capacity specifications of the E-MetroTel hardware appliances and the resource sizing required to simulate that same environment.  

Appliance / Resource Requirement


Concurrent Calls
Call Recording Hours RAM (GB)
Virtual CPUs
Storage (GB)
Galaxy Mini 64 32 640 1 (Note 1) 4 16 256
Galaxy 250 100 100 2400 2 4 32 400
Galaxy Expand (2930) 200 100 2400 2 4 32 400
Galaxy Expand (i5) 1000 500 64000 8 8 500 2000
Galaxy 3000G 2400 1000 128000 16 8 1032 (RAID) 2000
Note 1: The Galaxy Mini does not support InfinityOne, so 1 GB RAM is sufficient for the appliance. Supporting InfinityOne on any virtualized system requires a minimum of 2 GB RAM.


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