Repair the MySQL Database

The Database Repair capability in UCX Release 7.0 is accessible directly form the Web-based Configuration Utility.
Refer to Database Repair for details on its use.


The follow section is only for use on Release 6.0 systems. It is not applicable to UCX Release 7.0 and above!
Note: Running this Utility does not affect call processing.

Connecting to the UCX Command Line Interface (UCX Release 6.0)

Occasionally you may be required to repair the MySQL database on the UCX. This can be done by issuing a command via the UCX Command Line Interface.

E-MetroTel recommends to reboot the UCX after repairing the database. 
Please schedule a Maintenance window to perform this action.

Connect to the UCX via a Secure Shell (SSH) connection. Typically this is done via an open source terminal emulator software called PuTTY. This can be downloaded from

Step 1: Open the PuTTY application.

Step 2: Enter your values for Host Name (or IP address)Port, and Connection type. If you UCX is remotely connected you need to either use its E-MetroTel VPN address or the remote site's Public name or IP address, although this requires you to have port mapping configured to allow your router to direct the connection to the UCX private IP address on port 22. The port number to configure in this screen should either be 22 or the address configured on your router. The connection type should be SSH.


Step 3: When configured, click Open.


UCX Command Line Interface Login

Step 1: Log in to the UCX Command Line Interface using the same username/password combination that you use for Administrator access to the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility.

Only the actual "admin" user account with it's associated password is allowed SSH access. Other GUI user accounts with Administration privileges are unable to log into the SSH session.


Step 2: After typing the administrator password, press Enter  on your keyboard.



Repair the MySQL Database

Step 1: At the prompt, type the command: elastix-helper dbcheck and press Enter on your keyboard.


Step 2: Review the response:


Usage Example 

The following shows a corrupt CDR Report in the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility:


Running the elastix-helper dbcheck command:


And the resulting CDR Report shows that data has been recovered, although some of the more recent records may be missing due to the original corruption.:


If the database fails to be repaired, then open a ticket with E-MetroTel for direct support before attempting any other potential remedies.


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