MG - Supported Capacity

UCx supports up to 16 Media Gateways. This could be a combination of MGC and MGXPEC type gateways.

The different types of gateway cabinets are:

  • M1 Option 11 cabinet (10 card, NTAK11)
  • M1 Option 11 mini main chassis (4 card, NTDK91)
  • MG 1000E chassis (4 card, NTDU14)
  • MG1010 cabinet (10 card, NTC310)
  • MGXPEC Universal Equipment Module (UEM) NT8D37
  • MG 1000E expansion chassis (4 card, NTDU15) (This cabinet connects to the MG 1000E chassis and does not count as one of the 16  Media Gateways)