Installed Cards - Analog Hardware

Enabling the Card

The UCX system will detect the type of card installed and display the card information on this page. When the card is first installed, if the device driver has not been enabled, click on the Enable link under the Action column to enable the driver for the card.

The page will refresh with instructions at the top of the page.

Press the Apply Config pink bar first, then press the Restart DAHDI Service button.

Configuring the Card

Next you will need to configure the card. Press the Edit button under the Action column.

The next window shows the settings for each port. Make the desired changes and press the Save button.



The protocol used for this analog channel. Loop start signaling is used by residential analog lines in North America. Kewl Start is very similar to loop start, except that it has greater intelligence and is thus better able to detect far-end diconnects. Kewl Start is thus the preferred signaling protocol for analog channels.
Group The trunk group membership for this analog channel (enter a group identifier or leave it at default 0).
Context The context to be used for incoming calls on this analog channel (set to from-analog unless you need special handling - do not leave this field blank).
Kewl Start is the preferred signaling protocol for analog channels.

Applying Configuration Changes

If you made changes to the ports, a warning message will be displayed at the top to press the Reload DAHDI Configuration button for your changes to take effect.

Press the Apply Config pink bar first, then press the Reload DAHDI Configuration button.

Always run the ectune utility after the system has been installed and analog trunks connected to the system, but before it goes into production. If at anytime the trunks get changed, then the ectune utility would need to be run again.