Installation of SSD in BCM450


If you purchased the UCx Digital Gateway Solid State Drive (SSD), you must install this SSD in the main unit of your BCM450 telephone system.

Opening the BCM Main Unit

  1. Launch Element Manager.
  2. From the Administration tab, click the Utilities folder to expand it.
  3. From the Utilities folder, select Reset.
  4. Click Shutdown BCM System to shut down the system.
  5. Disconnect the BCM System from the AC power source.
  6. Attach one end of a grounding strap to your wrist and the other end to a grounded metal surface.
  7. On the bottom left of the base function tray, loosen the thumb screw and remove the hard disk bay faceplate.

Removing the Hard Drive

  1. Using your thumb and forefinger, pull the hard disk bracket out of the main unit.
  2. Place the hard disk and hard disk bracket from the main unit onto a flat, clean, static-free surface.
  3. Remove the four screws that secure the hard disk to the hard disk bracket.
  4. Lift the hard disk from the hard disk bracket, and set it on a flat, clean, staticfree surface.

Installing the Solid State Drive

  1. Place the UCx Digital Gateway SSD Assembly in the hard disk bracket.
  2. Use the four hard disk bracket screws to secure the SSD Assembly to the bracket.
  3. Push the hard disk bracket into the hard disk bay (the left most slot).

Closing the BCM Main Unit

  1. Replace the hard disk bay faceplate, and tighten the thumb screw.
  2. Restart the BCM450. The HDD LED should be green indicating that the replacement disk was installed correctly.