InfinityOne Softphone - no voice path after Chrome 87 update

Resolved - November 26, 2020: Chrome update impacts speech path on InfinityOne softphone

This issue has been resolved through UCX software changes. Please download and install the latest UCX updates as described in Software Update. Note that the update is service impacting (the Telephony service will be restarted).

The most recent version of Google Chrome (version 87.x) introduced changes that made it incompatible with the InfinityOne softphone. Users that updated to this release did not have speech path between the softphone and the UCX for both InfinityOne Release 1 and InfinityOne Release 2.
It is now okay for all customers to update to Chrome version 87.x if they use the InfinityOne softphone via the Chrome browser. Many Chrome users have auto-update configured, and this incompatibility they were experiencing will be resolved after the UCX update. 

E-Metrotel continues to recommend that users download the InfinityOne Desktop client from the InfinityOne server and log in with their normal credentials. The Desktop version has been created to avoid these types of incompatibility issues and to improve the overall user experience as it can run in the background so that it is always able to provide appropriate message notifications and alerts for incoming calls, and will not drop calls even when the window is closed! Instructions for downloading from and installing the Desktop version from their InfinityOne server are documented here.