InfinityOne - @ Mentions

Mentioning Users

You can "mention" someone by typing @ followed by their username, for example @john. Enter @ and start typing the username or a portion of their name or email address; a drop-down list will appear where you can select the desired user.

In the Browser/Desktop interface, a user can be selected from the list by clicking on the username or using the keyboard arrow keys to scroll up and down to the desired entry. Then select the user by pressing the Tab or Enter key.

If the user is not currently a member of that room, they will be invited and automatically joined to the room.  (In the Mobile interface, this is the method for inviting users.)

When someone is mentioned in a room, they will get a desktop notification and also a badge count beside the room name if they are not already in the room.

Each of your mentions are also listed in the Mentions list when you click on  located on the Right Icon Menu or when you select it from the Actions/Channel Details screen on the Mobility interface.

Special Mentions
There are three additional special use cases of @mentions.

  1. @all - This will send a message to all members in the current channel and will alert those users as if they had been @mentioned explicitly (refer to above)
  2. @here - This will send a message to all members in the user's current room. If other members of the room are currently viewing that room, they will receive a notification as if they had been mentioned explicitly in the room
  3. @all! - This will send a message to all users regardless of which room or channel the user is in when they originate the message, and will alert those users as if they had been @mentioned directly (refer to above). In addition, if the other users are currently on-line they will see a red banner at the top of the InfinityOne window similar to this:
    It is recommended that you use a channel that everyone has access to such as the default (i.e. general) channel so that everyone has a history of the message that was sent.

The behavior of each of the three alerts is the same regardless of whether the other users are using the desktop, web browser, or mobility client interface, with the exception that the mobility interface does not display a red banner.

Mentioning Rooms or Channels

Similar to "@ mentions" you can use '#' to mention a room, so that users can click the room name to be switched to that room.