InfinityOne - Installation & Configuration Checklist


InfinityOne is E-MetroTel's framework for the next generation of unified communications clients, providing team collaboration tools and applications for businesses of all sizes. The vision is to provide a set of modern features and tools for the evolving company integrated into one extensible frame work that includes:

  • An enterprise class web-based telephone that is available anywhere your employees have an Internet connection
  • Share important messaging conversations that would normally be hidden in point to point conversations with tools like SMS and Skype
  • Choose the most effective method of communication by checking their on-line or on-the-phone presence
  • Upload, search and download documents, images, videos, and audio files in chat rooms and share with the rest of your team
  • Start private conversations with direct messaging
  • Pin important messages for quick access for everyone
  • Star important messages for your quick reference
  • Track popularity of messages with message reactions and see who reacted
  • Never miss an important message with an advanced notification framework that provides audible, desktop, SMS, and email notifications. Control the noise by customizing the notifications on a room by room basis.
  • Highly configurable authorization policies including custom permissions and roles
  • Highly configurable with embedded, permissions-based administration screen
  • Available on all UCx platforms and E-MetroTel's cloud hosted service

New functionality added in InfinityOne Release 2 includes:

  • Mobile based application for devices such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad with full telephony and messaging functionality.

And the best part is that the data is safe with encrypted connections between your browser and the server. All the data is stored on your own server, not on someone else's cloud.

InfinityOne functionality is not supported on the Galaxy Mini hardware platform.
InfinityOne functionality is not supported on systems configured as a Survivable Remote Gateway.

Installation & Configuration Checklist


Description Notes

Install SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate Bypass 

An SSL certificate purchased from E-MetroTel is automatically installed and managed by E-MetroTel.

While SSL certificates from other sources can be installed on the UCX, E-MetroTel cannot provide standard support for configuration issues of third party SSL certificates due the variability of the certificate chain and complexity of ensuring that DNS parameters are properly configured in the external network. If E-MetroTel support is required, it will be provided as a billable item.

Also note that newer Android Operating Systems require a E-MetroTel or other commercial SSL certificate  in order to connect, even when SSL Certificate Bypass is enabled..

See Generating and Installing a Commercially Signed SSL Certificate
See InfinityOne - SSL Certificate Bypass

The hostname of the UCX system (and InfinityOne) needs to be the same as per the SSL certificate. If you need to change the hostname, see InfinityOne - Changing Network Parameters
Configure ROUTER to allow softphones from the public network to access InfinityOne
  • TCP Port 21326 (21326 is the default, you can change it.)
  • UDP Ports 10000 - 13999
The TCP Port number must match the value set for Site URL Port Number in the InfinityOne Installation Wizard.
Ensure your router does not block Push Notification messages to/from Canadian servers with the following address
Some customers use geo-fencing to filter messages originating outside their country location. InfinityOne uses server located in Canada.

Configuring UCX for InfinityOne

Description Notes
On UCX Server - Enable ICE, STUN Server, DTLS Certificate. The STUN Server, if required on the UCX, must match the WebRTC Server STUN server configured on InfinityOne application.
On UCX Server - Define TCP Port for Firewall This step is required only if you are activating the UCX Firewall. Otherwise skip this step.
On UCX Server under Nortel Settings:
  • Public IP address 
  • First Key Position - Right Bot. is the recommended setting
  • Enable Hotdesking
  • Enable Set Based Configuration
The Public IP address must be set if your InfinityOne Server is behind NAT.


Description Notes
Install infinity_one package. See InfinityOne - Install the infinity_one Package on UCx
Determine the following information before running the installation wizard:
  • Hostname and Port number (e.g.
  • Administrator account details (email, username, password)
  • Business name and address
  • @bot email address (only if using queue reports)
Run Installation Wizard

See InfinityOne - Run the Installation Wizard

First time login to InfinityOne must be from Web Browser (Google Chrome is preferred). See InfinityOne - First time login


Description Notes
Enable Softphone usage See InfinityOne - Softphone Configuration
Enable Phone Presence and Click to Call See InfinityOne - Phone Presence and Click to Call
Configure Emergency routing for virtual/remote users. See InfinityOne - Emergency Dialing with InfinityOne Phones
Create Backup Administrator account See InfinityOne - Adding Users
Configure Message Replacement Patterns See InfinityOne - Message Replacement Patterns
Enable Wiki Pages and create Phonebook and Help pages for users  See InfinityOne - Wiki Pages
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