InfinityOne - Configuring UCX for InfinityOne

Table of Contents

STEP ONE: ICE support
STEP TWO: DTLS Certificate
STEP THREE: Define Port for Firewall
STEP ONE: First Key Position
STEP TWO: Public IP Address
STEP THREE: Hotdesking and Set Based Configuration

1. Enabling Softphone to make and receive calls

To allow the InfinityOne Softphone to make and receive calls, there are several settings that need to be configured on the UCX Server.

STEP ONE: Enable ICE support

  1. Open the UCX Web based configuration utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  3. From the left side column, select Advanced Settings
  4. Scroll down to the Media Settings section
  5. Set ICE Support Enabled to True
  6. Click on the green check icon  to save the change
  7. Click on the green check icon  to save the change
  8. Click on the Apply Config bar at the top to apply the changes

STEP TWO: Install DTLS Certificate

The DTLS Certificate is required to be generated before you can make and receive voice calls on your InfinityOne clients.

Before continuing with the steps below, ensure your UCX server is connected to the internet and a valid DNS server is configured. (See Network Parameters for details.)  In order to use the InfinityOne Mobile application, you will be required to purchase and install an E-MetroTel SSL certificate as well.

  1. From the Security tab, select Certificates
  2. From the left side column, select DTLS Certificate
  3. Press the Generate button to retrieve the certificate
  4. All InfinityOne Softphones connected to the UCX will now be allowed to make and receive calls.

STEP THREE: Define Port for Firewall

If you are activating the UCX Firewall, then you need to define the port for InfinityOne. Otherwise you can skip this step.

  • From the Security tab, select Firewall
  • From the left side column, select Define Ports
  • Press the Define Port button
  • Enter a Name, select TCP for Protocol, enter Port 21326 (enter your own port number if not using the default 21326).
  • Press the Save button to save the new definition

2. Enabling Softphone to Function Best

The following parameters are all configured via the UCX Web-based Configuration Utility, under PBX -> PBX Configuration -> XSTIM Settings.

STEP ONE: Verify First Key Position

InfinityOne softphones function best when the setting for First Key Position is set to the lower right corner of the display.

Scroll down the XSTIM Settings page, check the value for First Key Position. The highlighted button will indicate the current setting.


Note: If the value is NOT set to Right Bot. then it must be changed. However, this will have an impact on any user device that is configured using XSTIM Settings, so care must be taken before making changes. Consult with the customer administrator before making changes and be sure to communicate the change to any users with devices that rely on XSTIM Settings.

If a change of setting is required, click on the Right Bot. button, then click Submit Changes and Apply Config.

STEP TWO: Configure Public IP Address

To allow softphones located remotely to register to the UCX Server, ensure the Public IP is set.

On the XSTIM Settings page, ensure the external IP address of the UCX Server in configured in the Public IP field.
If a change is required, enter the value then click Submit Changes and Apply Config.

STEP THREE: Enable Hotdesking and Set Based Configuration

The Hotdesking and Set Based Configuration features are highly recommended for use with the InfinityOne softphone.

On the XSTIM Settings page, verify that Hotdesking and Set Based Configuration fields are set to Enabled.
If a change is required, click on the Enabled button, then click Submit Changes and Apply Config.

NOTE: Softphones will not work when the system is in survivability mode.
TIP: InfinityOne client will automatically detect the Hotdesking configuration and will add the hotdesked extension for presence and click to call.

3. Configure SMTP Settings for Emails

Some internet service providers (ISPs) will block TCP Port 25 traffic on outbound connections which can impact the ability for the UCX and InfinityOne to send email messages.


The UCX software has a feature called Remote SMTP Delivery which allows the system administrator to change the port used for communication with a mail server. If your ISP blocks the TCP Port 25 traffic, refer to Remote SMTP for instructions on how to set up the connection to your email server before beginning to invite InfinityOne users via email.

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