Infinity SIP - Setting up Phone Book directory


The Remote Phone Book feature on Infinity phones provides access to a directory stored at a remote location. This page describes how we can integrate the capabilities of InfinityOne with the Infinity remote phone book feature to allow all Infinity phone users to have easy access to a common directory maintained on InfinityOne.

STEP ONE: Create Phone Book

Create CSV file

Create a CSV containing all the entries of your phone book. The CSV file requires the following:

  • The fields separated by a comma.
  • The first line containing the field name. E.g. "Name","Extension".
  • The last line is a blank line.

See below for an example of the CSV file



Import CSV file

  1. Login to the web interface of any Infinity phone and navigate to the Directory page.
  2. ​Click on the Choose File button and select the CSV file created above. Then click on the Import Csv button.
  3. For the Index row, select "Name" and "Office_Number". Then click on the Import button.
  4. The imported entries will now be displayed in the Contact table.

Export XML file

From the same Directory page where the contacts are listed, click on the Export XML button.

The XML file will be saved to a folder on your PC. Rename the exported xml file to a very long random complex name containing both letters and numbers (e.g. QOt4dBTGeCfLjD_WnM9EmE.xml). This is strongly recommended to increase security of the phonebook as there is no password associated with the file and it is accessible on the network.

STEP TWO: Load Phone Book onto InfinityOne

Set up InfinityOne

If InfinityOne is not already active on your UCx, please see the InfinityOne Installation and Setup pages to install and configure InfinityOne:

Create Private Channel

  1. Login to InfinityOne with an administrator's account.
  2. Click on the plus sign beside the search box to add a new channel.
  3. Enter a name for the channel, for example: Phonebook. Enable the Private toggle and click on the CREATE button.

Configure FileUpload Options

  1. From the left navigation panel, navigate to Administration -> FileUpload page.
  2. Under Accepted Media Types, add “,text/xml” just after “text/plain”.
  3. Under Accepted File Types, add “, .xml” just after “.txt”.
  4. Click on the SAVE CHANGES button.
  5. Navigate to the Administration -> General page
  6. Click on the RESTART THE SERVER button.
  7. Wait for the server restart to complete.
  8. Navigate to the Phonebook channel and upload the XML file created in STEP ONE. (See InfinityOne - Attachments.)
  9. After the file has been uploaded, click on the uploaded file, a new page will open showing the XML file.
  10. Go to the browser's URL address bar, copy to the clipboard the URL address from the beginning up to and including the filename (do not include any data after .xml). See the example below.

STEP THREE: Configure Remote Phone Book on Infinity phone

  1. Login to the web interface of the infinity phone.
  2. Navigate to the Directory -> Remote Phone Book page.
  3. Paste the URL from the clipboard to the PhoneBook URL entry, enter a Name for the entry.
  4. Click on the SaveSet button.
  5. Navigate to the Function Keys -> Programmable Key page.
  6. Under SoftKey2, change the Type to Network Directories and label it Directory.
  7. Click on the SaveSet button.

Accessing the Directory

To access the remote directory from the Infinity phone, perform the following steps:

  1. Press the Directory softkey.
  2. The list of available directories will be listed. Select the desired directory from the list (e.g. Company).
  3. The list of entries from the directory will be listed.