Infinity SIP - Phone User Interface

The user interface on the phone itself allows basic configuration changes to be done directly on the phone.

Menu Layout of Phone User Interface

MENU SUBMENU Description
Status Information Information displayed includes: Model, IP address, MAC address, firmware load etc.
The language used can also be changed here.
Network Displays network information.
Accounts Displays registration statuses of accounts.
Features Forward To configure the following call forward settings:
  • Always
  • Busy
  • No Answer
Function Configures the Line key functions.
#Send Enable or disable the # as Send Key function.
Hot Line Configures the Hot Line feature.
Anonymous Enable or disable the Anonymous feature that shows your Call ID as unknown to the receiver.
Enable or disable the Reject Anonymous feature that allows you to reject unknown calls.
DND Enable or disable the Do Not Disturb function.
History Enable or disable the call History function.
Directory All Shows all entries in the directory. You can add/delete/modify the entries.
Local Shows all entries in the local directory. You can add/delete/modify the entries.
BlackList Shows all entries in the blacklist. You can add/delete/modify the entries.
History Local Displays call history of the different  call types:
  • All
  • Missed
  • Received
  • Dialed
  • Forward
CallLog Network call history is not supported.
Messages Voice Mail To View status of voice mailbox and to Set access to voice mail.
SMS SMS function is not supported.
Settings Basic To configure the following phone settings:
  • Language
  • Time & Date
  • Format
  • DHCP Time
  • Ring Tone
  • Headset
  • Font Size
(* requires admin password)
To configure the following advanced settings:
  • Accounts – Select the desired account and enter the required fields:
    • Active (Enable/Disable)
    • Profile
    • SIP User ID
    • Authenticate ID
    • Password
    • Name
  • Network
    • WAN Port
    • PC Port
    • Vlan
    • Webserver
    • 802.1x
    • VPN
    • DHCP Vlan
    • LLDP)
  • Settings
    • Lock (keypad lock)
    • Reset (factory reset)
    • Password (change admin password)
  • AP
    • Upgrade Mode
    • Firmware Server
    • Config Server
Display Display Mode To set display mode to Text or Icon. The default is Icon.
Wallpaper To change wallpaper for the LCD screen.
Screensaver To configure the Time-out and the type of screen saver:
  • Time & Logo (Display alternating between Time and Logo)
  • Photo Switch (Display all screensaver pictures one by one)
  • Static Photo (Display only the selected picture)
Backlight To configure backlight settings.
(* requires admin password)
Factory To execute factory test functions.
Restart To restart the application.
Reboot To reboot the phone.
Pcap To start/stop the Pcap feature.

* The default admin password is admin.