GXW410X FXO Gateway

Gateway Setup

Step One: Accessing the Gateway

  1. Plug a network cable into the wan port of the fxo gateway, plug the power supply into the Grandstream gateway and power it up.
  2. Using nmap, wireshark, arp or ipquery, determine the ip address of the gateway obtained from the dhcp server.
  3. Open a web browser and use the ip address obtained in step 2 to connect to the fxo gateway
  4. Login to the Gateway using the default password admin

Step Two: Configure Basic Settings

  1. Navigate to the Basic Settings page.
  2. Select statically configured under IP address and set the required IP address (e.g., Subnet mask, Gateway and DNS servers.
  3. Select the correct Time Zone and Daylight Savings Time if appropriate.
  4. Press the Update button and wait for the Gateway to reboot.
  5. When the Gateway comes back uo, open a web browser and use the new ip address that was set in step 2.

Step Three: Configure FXO Lines

  1. Navigate to the FXO Lines page
  2. Under Channel Dialing to PSTN:
    • Set Wait for Dial-Tone to N (no)
    • Set the Stage Method to 1 (1 stage dialing).
  3. Under Channel Dialing to VOIP:
    • Set the User ID to the Ring group or extension set up in the UCx server to terminate inbound calls.
      Example of how to to set multiple inbound targets: ch1-3:600;ch4:301 (this sets lines 1,2 and 3 to terminate to 600 and line 4 to terminate to 301.
  4. Under PSTN to VOIP Caller ID Setting:
    • Set the Number of Rings Before Pickup to 2.
  5. Press the Update button at the bottom of the page.

Step Four: Configure Channels

  1. Navigate to the Channels page.
  2. Under Channel Specific Setting
    • Set DTMF Methods to 2 (RFC2833)
  3. Press the Update button at the bottom of the page

Step Five: Configure Profile 1

  1. Navigate to the Profile 1 page:
  2. Set SIP Server to the IP address of the UCx server
  3. Set Outbound Proxy to the IP address of the UCx server.
  4. Set SIP Registration to No.
  5. Press the Update button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Reboot the Gateway.

UCx Setup

Step Six: Configure SIP Trunk

Use the Adding SIP Trunk procedure to add a new SIP trunk.

  • In the Trunk Name field under General Settings, enter a descriptive name for the trunk  (this name will be used in the list of trunks in the UCx management user interface)
  • In the Trunk Name field under Outgoing Settings, enter a unique trunk name (this name will be used for outgoing calls in the system's dial plan)
  • In the Peer Details text field under Outgoing Settings, enter the following information (example below has as the IP address of the Grandstream Gateway)
  • Press the Submit button and then the Apply Config bar.

Step Seven: Configure Inbound Route

Use the Add Inbound Routes procedure to add a new inbound route.

  • Set the DID number to the same number that you set in the Gateway User ID (see Step Three, Configure FXO Lines section)
  • Set the Destination to where you want the call to terminate
  • Press the Submit and then the Apply Config  bar.