Configure BIOS settings on the UCx20

UCx20 requires specific BIOS settings to be able to use internal DAHDI cards with the SSD that we use in the server.

Follow the steps below to configure the BIOS:

(1)  Power down the UCx server and connect a USB keyboard and a video monitor to the system.

(2)  Power up the system and press the Delete key when you see the E-MetroTel BIOS Splash Screen.


(3)  Navigate to the Chipset - South Bridge page.



(4)  Navigate to the PCIE1X Configuration Page.



(5)  Navigate to the Automatic ASPM setting and set it to Manual.  


(6)  Navigate to the PME SCI setting and set it to Disabled.

(7) Repeat steps (4) to (7) for the  MINIPCIE Configuration page.

(8)  Press F10 to save these new settings and reboot the server.