Check System License

One of the first things to check when troubleshooting a system is the licensing. Go to System -> Licenses tab and look at the License Details.

If the system is licensed, you will see the details of the license in the Product Code field. The description of each product code is provided below.

Product Code Description
AS Active Standby
CO Call Out (Code Orange)
EA Enhanced Archive
EAv2 Enhanced Archive Server
ECI External CDR Interface
HP Hospitality
LC Licensed codec G.729
MA Meridian 1 Analog Phones
MDSE Meridian 1 Digital Phones
NAS External Storage
PT1 One Internal PSTN trunk card
PT2 Two Internal PSTN trunk cards
PT3 Three Internal PSTN trunk cards
QR Queue Reports
SA Scheduled Announcements
SC(n) E-MetroTel PSTN SIP Channels (where n = the number of channels)
TSP TAPI Service Provider
WB UCX Wallboard
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