Basic Call

To make a basic call from your phone

Feature Steps Notes
Off-hook dialing 1. Lift handset.
2. Dial the number.
On-hook dialing 1. Press the Line (DN) key.
2. Dial the number.
On-hook dialing allows you to initiate a call without lifting the handset. Call progression tones are heard through the one-way only speaker. When the called party answers you must lift and use the handset to converse.
If your phone has two-way speaker capability, then there is no need to lift the handset.
Handsfree dialing 1. Press the Speaker/Handsfree/Headset key.
2. Dial the number.
Headset key can be used only if headset is connected.


InfinityOne Client (Desktop/Web Browser shown, similar for iOS and Android Client)


IP Phone


Digital Phone
Analog Phone