Avaya SIP Phones


The Avaya IP phones with H.323 protocol firmware can be converted to support SIP protocol with the appropriate SIP firmware for the phone. The SIP phones can register to the UCx server and function as third-party SIP phones.

The following SIP firmware releases and phones are supported:

  • Avaya One-X Desktop SIP Release 2.6.17 for 9640 phone.
  • Avaya Deskphone SIP Release for 9608 and 9611 phones.
  • Avaya J-Series SIP phones.

Supported Functions

The Avaya SIP phone when registered to the UCx supports basic phone functions including message waiting indication. Advanced phone features are not supported, for example: Contact list, Speed dial, History, Paging, Auto answer, Forward button, etc.

Accessing Phone Configuration Menu

  To logout user To access configuration menu
9611 Press Menu key and select Logout Press Admin soft key and enter 27238#
9608 Press Home key and select Logout Press Admin soft key and enter 27238 then press Enter key
9640 Press Home key and select Logout Press Mute key followed by 27238#

From the configuration menu, you can perform the following functions:

  • Select Restart phone option from the menu list to restart phone.
  • Change DHCP HTTP address settings from the Addr menu.
  • Change SIP Global Settings and SIP Proxy Settings from the SIP menu.
  • Note that SIP Proxy must be set to Manual to change SIP Proxy server, protocol and port under SIP Proxy Server menu.

For the Avaya J-Series SIP phones, refer to Configuring sRTP on Avaya J-100 SIP Phone (J-139, J159, J169, J179, J189)

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