Appliance and Plug-in Cards RMA Troubleshooting Guide

E-MetroTel Hardware:

While there are no specific recommended diagnostic steps for each component of the E-MetroTel Galaxy portfolio of hardware, standard network device troubleshooting steps should be used, including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Verify that the hardware in question is under hardware warranty. Hardware must be under warranty to be considered for RMA.
  2. If the device fails to show any status LEDs, check all power connections and, if possible, use another verified, appropriate power supply and other power sources.
    1. If the device can be powered by a different power supply, the power supply may require an RMA. 
    2. If the device does not show any status LEDs with an alternative working power supply, then the device may require an RMA.
  3. If the device is a card within a Galaxy Express or Galaxy Expand chassis and it fails to show any status LEDs, move the card to another appropriate open slot, or swap slots with another working card.
    1. If the card issue is still noted in the new slot position, the card may require an RMA.
    2. If the new slot resolves the problem with the card, the chassis may require an RMA. 
  4. If the device powers up, connect a browser to the expected IP address of the system. If there is no response, the IP Address may have changed. Use standard networking tools to attempt to identify the IP address of the system.
    1. If the hardware is a UCX250, or Galaxy platform with a 2930 or i5 Processor Card, connect a video monitor to the video interface and reboot the system. If the device boots properly, it will display the IP address(es) of the device after completing the startup process, Use this IP Address to complete the configuration process; no RMA is required.
    2. If the UCX processor device does not display an IP address, record a video of the monitor attached to the video interface, and contact E-MetroTel support for additional diagnostics before determining if an RMA is required.

In all hardware cases above where an RMA may be indicated, log into the E-MetroTel Partner Portal and Report results of above steps and open a ticket requesting RMA and confirmation with E-MetroTel support.. In the ticket, you must include the following information:

  1. The Serial Number of the problem device
  2. End Customer name
  3. When the problem first occurred
  4. When the device was first activated
  5. The VPN address that can be used to attempt to connect to the device (if possible)
  6. Submit images that support the nature of the failure (such as a non-functioning card in one slot versus when plugged into a working slot, system powered up with a working power supply, versus non-working power supply, etc.)
  7. A thorough description of the issue and the steps you have taken based on the troubleshooting tests described above or similar. Include any screen shots or video captures supporting your request.



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