2.0 Preparing to Reimage to UCX 7.0

You MUST be running Release 6.0 or Release 5.0 with active Software Support on a supported Galaxy hardware platform (Mini, 250, 2930, i5, 450, 1000, 3000) before attempting to update the system to UCX Release 7.0.
Galaxy hardware platforms installed in 2016 or earlier cannot regenerate the existing HostID after the upgrade and the system will require E-MetroTel support for re-licensing. You MUST open a ticket to coordinate the scheduling of this manual re-licensing as you plan your maintenance window with your customer.
In UCX 6.0, the configuration backup process for UCX telephony related configuration and the InfinityOne application are not integrated. If you have installed and configured InfinityOne on your UCX 6.0 system and are using the UCX Imager tool to update to UCX 7.0 you must backup both the UCX configuration as well as the InfinityOne configuration separately to an external device prior to using the UCX Imager. The UCX Imager removes all existing information from the system as part of the update process. Once the reimaging is complete you can restore both the UCX and InfinityOne configurations.
If you are updating a system currently operating ina HARC Configuration, you must split the cluster and re-image each system separately following the steps documented in 8.0 Re-imaging a HARC System to UCX 7.0.

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2.0 Preparing to Reimage to UCX 7.0

Prior to using the Reimage to R7 process on your system, you MUST do the following:

2.1 Mandatory Preparation Steps On the UCX

  1. Update the existing UCX 6.0 (or UCX 5.0) software using the Software Update process to ensure that the system has the latest available functionality.(It must include freePBX version 2.11.3-66.)
  2. After performing the software update, create a Backup of the current UCX 6.0 or UCX 5.0 configuration 
    1. If your backup is less than 1.0 Gb in size, you can create the backup on the system hard drive and then click the newly created link download directly to your PC for later upload to UCX 7.0
    2. If your backup is larger than 1Gb in size you must create the backup directly to a USB (but not the Release 7.0 Imager USB device). Note that if the system contains an extremely large number of Call Recroding files, a full backup can require a very large sized USB. E-MetroTel recommends to purchase and configure the External Storage package in order to reduce the size of on-system stogare used for Call Recordings prior to reimaging.
  3. If you have installed and configured InfinityOne you must make sure that you are running the latest version (3.2.3-0).
  4. Create a Backup of the current InfinityOne configuration and download it to a USB drive.
The hard drive contents will be entirely replaced, so it is imperative that the backup files for the UCX and InfinityOne be downloaded to an external drive or created on a different USB drive. A USB drive will be required for restoring the backup after the update.
The UCX Imager Tool WILL NOT RESTORE configurations from out-of-date UCX 6.0 or UCX 5.0 backups. You MUST update your UCX 6.0 or UCX 5.0 system prior to creating your final backup that can be used in the upgrade process. The final update must have been made after the system was updated to include the module freePBX version 2.11.3-66.

If you fail to update the UCX 6.0 or UCX 5.0 system prior to creating a fresh backup of the system configuration the newly installed UCX 7.0 software will reject the restore process as seen below:


2.2 Data to gather for post-update verification

Take note of the following information on your existing UCX 6.0 configuration:

  1. Navigate to System - Dashboard and take a screen shot of the Communication Activity applet to record the number of extensions and IP trunks configured.
  2. Navigate to Reports - Extensions Overview page.
  3. Click on Download and select a download format of your choice (CSV,Spreadsheet, PDF).
  4. Save the downloaded file in a convenient location for troubleshooting if one or more extensions fail to restore.
  5. Take note of any installed Accessories as you will need to add these in the UCX 7.0 system prior to restoring the backup configuration 
  6. Take note of any Static Routes that are configured for this system 
  7. Take note of whether there is a DTLS certificate generated for this system
  8. Check to see if DHCP Server is configured. If it is, take a screen shot or make note of the DHCP Server and DHCP Bindings configuration.
  9. Take note of whether Connection Sharing is configured. If it is, take note of the default gateway.
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